Criminal Minds Round Table: CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 – 1117. The Sandman – Comments Thread

I did like Reid figuring out who the likely unsub was, although I had to present the writers a side eye, as a result of although Reid is not a fan of technology, it would have made far more sense and been more practical (and cheaper) to only ship these files smooth copy quite than Reid printing out all those onerous copies that he didn’t even need. I was somewhat surprised to see a six months time leap, however I guess that makes sense, as a result of it both allowed Morgan to bodily get better and for Savannah to be far along in her pregnancy. It was good to see Hotch suggest the concept the unsub did not intend to kill the first mom, so there have to be some other behavioral cause for his actions. It was nice to see the team work completely different aspects of the case and they all contributed to catching the unsub in their own ways that played to their strengths. Overall it felt extra like a classic episode, with only tiny hints of the unsub, but the focus squarely on the staff as they worked by the case.

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Why did every member of the BAU ignore the misgivings which arose about Bidwell’s culpability for the non-nurse murders? Written by @VirgilWilliams, CARBON COPY simply proves why I continue to like each of his successive outings (ex: The Apprenticeship, The InBetween Season 2 on dvd 8×06) as CM author increasingly more. So simply what step of AA is Strauss up to now? The combination made for a double thumbs up evaluation, from the standpoint of a well-executed, regular BAU case. Even AFTER he was in custody? The audience lastly (sorta kinda) will get to “meet” The Replicator (whose unlucky identify will endlessly remind me of the magical food dohickey, thingamabob on Start TREK: TNG). With Donnie Bidwell, the audience once once more sees more than the BAU, so we all know he’s submissive to a different undisclosed conspirator. Good group action (ex: refined touches like crime scene personnel all staring at Hotch as he approaches a victim along with his head-shot pinned on her chest; and of course Blake might take Strauss: Strauss could not even handle accidentally touching a corpse!) And the director, Rob Hardy, has additionally helmed some of my favorite CM eps as effectively (The massive Wheel, Coda).

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